Share an artwork for Christmas

For the first time, you can own and gift art 

to your loved ones for Christmas

How does it work?

You can turn your loved ones into vivid art collectors this Christmas. 

Habemus Hominem (2009-2016) by JAGO

Collect a bit of history

  • This artwork was exhibited at the 54th Venice Biennale 
  • The cloaked version of Pope Benedict XVI was initially destined to the Vatican
  • The artist decided to "undress him" when the Pope resigned
  • Over 400 people already co-own it

You have no time (and no willingness) to shop on Oxford Circus two days before Christmas? Now you have the possibility to find the perfect gift for everyone in only 5 minutes.


Here we go! You made all your presents all at once and found a very special present that turns your entire family into art collectors. Well done!


We just need to know who will get the gift, and we will take it from there. You will then get a certificate via email that you will be able to print and put under the Christmas tree.


Until the last minute, this artwork can fit in any (in)box!

You can print it to put it under the Christmas tree but, in any case, we'll send it for you via email too.
And, an account we'll be created on our platform where they can follow the art's journey.

Here is the certificate you will receive

Make a gift

in 5 minutes now

Gift a little piece of history and culture with shares of a stunning museum-worthy artwork to your friends and family now

You can even visit your artwork in Rome next year

From early 2019 your artwork will be loaned to the Doria Pamphilj Palace in Rome and will be exhibited together with Caravaggio, Velazquez, Tiziano... you know, the cool kids. 

Habemus Hominem will be the first contemporary artwork ever accepted in the collection.

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